Automation Unchained: A holistic approach to enterprise automation

Date: Oct 11, 2017
Time: Full day Asia/Kolkata

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Automation Unchained: A holistic approach to enterprise automation

Event details

Date: Oct 11, 2017
Time: 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM EDT, Oct 11
Duration: 60 Mins

About the Webinar

As most enterprises are awakening to the presence of robots in their midst, they are also exploring various engagement models – the one which can deliver best value, drive costs down and also enhance the customer experience. Piece meal or Wholesome? This webcast explores the best approach that enterprises can take when engaging with vendors for automating some of the most important and crucial processes within the organizations using some industry examples and best practices.

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Robin George

AVP - Business Development, EdgeVerve Systems

Robin George is the Associate Vice President and is responsible for Edge Products and Platforms across APAC and EMEA. Robin has been part of the products and platforms journey at Infosys since its inception in 2010. Robin has a particular focus on Achieving Excellence in Operations and is working with organizations like Syngenta, Ricoh, British Telecom, Vodafone, adidas, Toyota Europe etc. in this space. Robin has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from MumbaiUniversity and a Masters from University College London.

Sarah Burnett

Vice President, Everest Group

Sarah Burnett, a well-known industry analyst and market influencer, is a Vice President at Everest Group, where she leads the company’s Service Optimization Technologies (SOT) research program globally. As part of this, she researches and advises clients on automation technologies, such as RPA, AI, and global service provider’s capabilities in this field. Based in London, she also serves European clients across Everest Group’s Europe-focused global services research areas.