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In general industry terminology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been broadly categorized into Assisted Automation and Un-assisted automation.

There is a wide spread acceptance on the concept of un-assisted automation wherein robots are run remotely on servers without any human intervention, and Assisted Automation in which robots run on the Desktop machine along with the agent and are triggered by the Agents.

While there is a fair amount of uniformity in the understanding of un assisted or un-attended automation, the term assisted automation is used very loosely in the sense of its applicability with the commonality being that the robot is user-assisted and triggered by the user and augments the processing power of a user and a machine.

HFS also talks about this “blurred perception” and says for RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) which is one of the flavors of assisted automation, that “It is here where there is so much smoke and mirrors in the industry.”**

This paper looks deeper into assisted automation and its nuances.

There clearly are 2 separate spaces and set of use cases where assisted automation fits in. The distinction has been made based on the specific functional need of the category.

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