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Organizations world over are struggling to retain customers due to poor Customer Service (CS). Call Centers, which are often the hubs of customer service, fall short of customer expectations simply because they are unable to give customers a simple and tangible experience.

With an increase in customer service investments (YoY), suite of digital applications got built or added to the stack and over a period of time, organizations realized that this is cutting across productivity and efficiency of Customer Service employees. This has led to a scenario wherein a CS agent works with a minimum of 10+ applications to address a call, which in turn has led to increase in Average Handling Time (AHT).

Not only do the CS agents find it hard to get the required information, but they also have to work with multitude of applications, old technologies, badly designed application interfaces, bad information prioritization, lack of ready availability of information to service a single query.

This lack of empathy-driven and a scenario-driven mental model in understanding a customer’s query, results in the agent’s cognitive load as they struggle to balance between servicing the query and maintaining the call AHT.

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