Reduce delinquency rates and charge-offs

Enable clients to create proactive outreach plans and prevent delinquencies through CollectEdge’s accurate early delinquency prediction models

Enhance Customer Experience

Personalized recommendations for time, channel and tone of communication with the borrowers along with recommendations into right resolution strategy ensure the most desired outcomes for both borrower and lender

Improve operational efficiencies

Improve process efficiencies, productivity and compliance based on intelligent segmentation and prioritization of accounts along with prime time recommendation.

Collect Effectively Without Affecting Customer Experience

While financial enterprises have been in the digital race lately, the industry hasn’t been able to efficiently leverage technologies in default management and subsequently improve efficiency and customer experience.

This whitepaper explains how AI can bridge this gap by effectively mapping customer segments, helping collection agencies and lenders gain some traction on data and get insight as to what motivates individuals to pay or default their outstanding debt.

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Key Features


Simple integration with your servicing and collection systems using our API services


Risk Bucket Prediction

AI-based Prioritized Queue

Suggestion on Corrective Measures


Predict Channel and Time

AI-based Personalized Communication

Roll Rate Prediction


AI-based Prioritization

AI-based Resolution Strategies

Account Level Personality Insights

Customer Insights Engine

Generates 360 degree view of customer to identify patterns and predict behavior.
Prediction Engine

Contextualized Suggestions and Predictions. Self Optimizes with Time.

Out-of-the-box insightful charts and provisions to create on-demand views

  • Over the top solution providing intelligence to existing collection process.

  • Drives collection strategies through its exhaustive feature set.

  • Individual ML model for each of the features illustrated.

  • Simple operationalization.

  • Predefined data model for each loan product enables easy onboarding.

  • Inbuilt automated data engineering and model build for quick value realization.

  • Entire data engineering and data science is abstracted with focus on business outcome.

Make your debt collection processes intelligent by embracing AI

With a low success rate of debt-collections, are the current ways of operating at their optimum best? Is Artificial Intelligence the answer to make the existing debt collection processes more effective? And is it really possible to make current systems intelligent to avoid an excessive rip and replace cost? Download this whitepaper to know more.

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Success Story

A Large Bank in US is looking to reduce losses and increase the efficiency of the collection process through accurate segmentation and rank-ordering of delinquent accounts.

Their objective: To reduce delinquency by 25 basis points (0.25%) across 0-30 day and 30-60 day roll rate risk buckets

The client implemented 85% or more of our recommendations and currently have a delinquency reduction of 29 basis points.

$672 Billion
Outstanding consumer debt in some stage of delinquency out of $12.07 trillion of total debt
Industry average collection rate on delinquent debt, a decrease from 30% a few decades ago
$11.4 billion
debt collection in 2016, falling from 13.3 million in 2012
Percentage of customer
complaints received by CFPB* in the area of debt collection (highest among all areas)
$6-7 Billion
Lending capacity of
a bank that is reduced for every $100 million of loan loss provisions
$40 Billion
Debt that collection agencies collected
out of the $150 billion portfolio transferred to them
Right party contact rates for in-house and first-party collections