Mr. Shyamol B Das, Chief Technology Officer, BRAC Bank, talks about the banking software trends in Bangladesh and the importance of technology in the bank’s strategy for growth. He also tells us how leveraging on Finacle’s capabilities the bank was able to scale up easily and stay ahead of competition

What he says
Banking in Bangladesh is developing at a slower pace compared to other countries. One of the major trends in banking, especially SME banking, is the usage of mobile and online portals
Infosys Finacle helps in adopting the market trends with their modules – youth banking, Mobile banking and Analytics which are crucial for growth and market strategy

Why Finacle?
Compared to local solutions, Finacle provides scalability and security. The biggest advantage is that they have a product road map which is ahead of market trends

Benefits of Finacle
It helps in processing accounts in shortest possible time for both SME and Retail portfolios. Finacle is the only software which allows customization according to our needs. Since our adoption of Finacle in 2007, we have seen 800% growth with complete transformation of the business


BRAC Bank on Banking Trends