K. Gopakumar, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of bank muscat talks about how the new generation of customers with the influence of modern technology are accelerating the pace of evolution across industries. He also talks about how the threats to cyber security has significantly gone up with technology reaching the masses and how banks are now made to focus more on compliance and security measures. K. Gopakumar also walks us through the technology priorities of bank muscat. He also details how their investments in digital channels has resulted in a significant increase in the volume of transactions across mobile and online. bank muscat also capitalizes on multivariate customer data to deliver an extremely contextual insights driven banking to its customers. K. Gopakumar ends the video by talking about the long standing partnership with Finacle and details how Finacle’s digital engagement suite of solutions would help the bank in delivering a true omnichannel experience to its customers.

Bank Muscat is the leading financial institution in the middle east with a strong presence in corporate banking, personal banking, investment banking, islamic banking, treasury, private banking and asset management. The bank has the largest network of branches and electronic channels in Oman, as well as branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and representative offices in Dubai (UAE), Iran and Singapore. The bank also owns Muscat Capital LLC, a brokerage and investment banking entity operating in Saudi Arabia. bank muscat leverages Finacle’s digital engagement suite of solutions comprising of online banking solution, mobile banking solution, and the Finacle Omnichannel Hub. The bank also uses Finacle’s wealth management solution.


Bank Muscat