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Today, while most organizations run a tight ship when it comes to managing their strategic spend, managing tail spend requires a different and a targeted approach.

Global supply chains generally constitute of multiple procurement systems and marketplaces, running within the organizations. With a disconnected experience, adoption and compliance falters, as sourcing falls out of sync with procurement. With little control over the way procurement happens for non-strategic items, it is estimated that on an average, tail spend increase the annual spend by 5-10%, leading to millions of dollars in maverick spend for large organizations!

ProcureEdge Tail Spend Management provides a holistic layered approach to managing Tail Spend by enabling end to end spend visibility, apply category management rigor to manage demand and enable new age purchase experience for compliant buying.

Analyze spend to unearth tail spend opportunities


Enable Procurement team with recommendations on managing Tail Spend

Orchestrate spend by routing users to compliant buying channels


Value Proposition

5-7% Spend Savings
80% Tail Spend Visibility
30% Process Savings
70% Purchase Compliance

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