Guided Buying enables intelligent routing of product & service requests to appropriate buying channels and preferred suppliers while ensuring compliance to organization policies and generates savings. The application is designed for multiple form factors (web, mobile, chat) and for multiple channels (free form, catalog, MSP, contracts, supplier panel).

It uses AI/ML techniques to perform category matching, specifications clarity, supplier recommendations, price and lead time identification.

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Key features

XtractEdge Guided Buying uses AI/ML to identify patterns and best practices, to guide users to procure the appropriate products and services from the preferred suppliers, and facilitate an intuitive procurement experience

Unified experience

Single window for requesting different products and services with cross catalog search

Request auto classification

Auto classification of user request to the right category through semantic search and AI/ML algorithms

Product specification clarity

Intuitive category specific templates and forms for user requests combined with contextualized specifications recommendations to identify the right product for the user

Supplier recommendation

Intelligent supplier recommendation to ensure user spend is channeled through preferred suppliers

Key benefits

XtractEdge Guided Buying eliminates the need for users to go through multiple systems for their procurement requests, while at the same time enabling purchase from the preferred suppliers as well as minimizing policy violations

  • Higher compliance to organization policies

  • Supplier consolidation

  • Seamless user experience


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