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Women in Tech

March 26, 2019 - Viji-natesan

The name and the corresponding hashtag provides a very good view of what is in focus this current month the world over! With the just concluded women’s day, the global focus has mainly been on a few key themes like better balance, more empowerment, equal pay, more presence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and most importantly, more women in Tech.

In the recent years, especially in India, we have seen the appointment of Women CEOs (and leaders) across many major banks (both private and public sector). But at IT companies which serve these banks, the ratio of women leaders is quite low. It is high time we take aggressive action and try to improve this gender imbalance.

My personal observation has been that at the entry level, there are a good number of women with a computer science background who get into Tech Jobs and manage to maintain this good ratio for the next few years or so. But as they progress and get to the junior management level, this number starts dwindling. There are many reasons for this decline and the most common ones which come to mind are:

  • Lack of a good support system to take care of the family (especially baby care and toddler care)
  • The belief that a job is not a primary need for a woman and hence the low priority of financial independence of women
  • Insufficient quantification of women’s contributions and hence a lack of clarity on their way forward (career growth)
  • Ineffective work-life balance and clarity of work and personal priorities affecting daily life
  • A prejudice that men always end up with better opportunity and better career growth thanks to the current statistics

In this day of instant judgment, I am not here to discuss what’s right or what’s wrong but WHAT CAN WE DO to make this situation better? How can we encourage more women to continue their journey or inspire more women to stay in Tech?

We have to think radically and try to see how we can help make women’s lives better so that they are able to balance work and family and at the same time contribute their best at work. Few thoughts from observing trends around the world are:

  • Flexi hours including work from home or part time for certain periods of time
  • Options to have an inbuilt day care with provision to visit the kid(s) frequently / as needed
  • Mentorship at every stage so that guidance is available through any rough patches
  • A visible career growth plan so that women know what to expect and how to grow to achieve the same
  • Management / business acumen training to train women into senior roles
  • Custom roles most suited for women

We can try to list down many options but until the change is reflected in the actual numbers, it will still end up on the to-do List rather than an achiever’s list. Everyone needs to work together to create a better work environment for women. Now. The time is up. If every individual can think towards the same and try to inspire and motivate any women in their life, pretty soon, the boundaries ought to disappear and the balance ought to get better! Go girl!

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6 thoughts on “Women in Tech

  • Good for thought . nice one.

  • Good one Viji#8230;.

  • Very true Viji.. every reason mentioned and every resolution suggested is true to the core and helps us a lot to have interest and growth in career#8230;

  • Very well said viji.. Keep going#8230;

  • You go girl.You have clearly defined the root cause of the issue in hand. Looking forward to you writing soon in the future about resolution.

  • Well said and training or mentorship for higher roles will definitely add worth.

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