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Why PaaS

June 29, 2017 - Deepak Kumar Director Business Development, EdgeVerve Systems


WHY PAAS! Is Cloud a Myth!!Anillusion!! Any ROI? Or just a Mirage to IT engineers


`In PAAS you have everything under ONE cloud `

Cloud computing or PAAS is a better way of understanding and doing you own in a business much more radiant and luminous way…

Like the human evolution, the Information/data is moving from something like an Ice Age to an Industrial Age and to a Participation Age. We get on our mobiles. Get on the net. and do any stuff under the `Cloud` …
Any instant message, personnel or professional… your blog, you take pictures, you publish, your podcast, you transact, you distance learn, your telemedicine.
You are participating on the Internet, not just only VIEWING stuff. You are DOING stuff.
But to get your hands dirty on this is a complex concept. It is not based on a single technological breakthrough but comes about through the combination of several innovations and improvements, most notably the development of virtualization, the increasing capacity of the Internet and the growing sophistication of Internet-based technologies.
Cloud is more Productive:
To make any companies apps run faster with much fewer faults. PAAS is the best solution. Here you may focus on core product development, Continuous Integration Testing, and best production operations. When you do not have to waste time in finding out the “how”, you can easily perform the required tasks in less time. As a result, Customers would tie a tight knot with the company due to focused attitude.
Cloud makes your Entire Enterprise Mobile
Anything from Anywhere is cloud mobility. Once the business apps are up and running on the cloud there. You can access information any point of time. All you need is an internet connection.
Enterprise mobility is inextricably woven with cloud computing. By running your business apps in the cloud, you can access information from them – anywhere and anytime, what you need is just an internet connection. It gives an instant and secure access to emails, contacts, content and much more. So, with the cloud, your business will go beyond its physical boundaries.
Huge Save on Initial Cost setup
It works on a pay-as-you-go model. So, you just pay for the right amount of resources that you would use. Cloud tech support has a good expertise, it would overcome the cost of maintaining your own team
Secure: Mitigates data loss Risk
Cloud supports Recovery/disaster management. Investigation reports. Cloud operations support. Data location and data Segregation with stronger encryption algorithms.
Test your apps functionality Cloud
For a start-up, setting up an entire server unit and then launching apps can be a drastic decision, as you can never assume the success rate. But if you deploy apps on the cloud, you can test their service acceptance rate and accordingly make future decisions to expand with cloud gives you the flexibility to run your apps on a test drive basis. By doing so, you can check your apps’ functionalities and get an experience in the cloud. You can choose which applications to move and when.
Cloud makes you innovative
You cannot trust the IT providers for everything. Each application small or big is heavily market-driven achieving innovation. The speed of the System, an accuracy of the output plays a vital role. So one could get creative, Customize each feature separately.
PAAS is no Myth!!! It helps in:

  • Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing
  • Strengthening your Business Case for Using Cloud
  • Cloud Buyers’ Decision Tree

Deepak Kumar

Director Business Development, EdgeVerve Systems

Deepak works with clients across APAC region to help them deliver the benefits of new and emerging technologies like Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Robotic Process Automation. This includes clients in industries like Telecom, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare. Deepak has 16+ years of experience in the IT industry and specialises in helping organisations leverage their current IT investments to the maximum extent possible and yet deliver the desired change in customer experience.

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