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Talent and Culture for the changing times we live in

March 18, 2019 - Sreevidhya-chillara

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“When you cannot change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails” is a familiar phrase which rings very true in so many instances in life. We encounter and experience it ever so often at the workplace too.

We see clients elevating their expectations and requirements from us. We personally elevate our game and increase our standards daily and hourly. Well, nearly. We cannot control this change; neither do we have any option but to relent to it. To keep pace with the changing world, we have to adapt and mature ourselves in every way. Innovation needs acceptance at a personal level. And as a workforce we need to align ourselves to the change around us and demonstrate it – Innovation in the DNA of the organization is the need of the hour, and workforce of an organization has an important role to play in making that happen.

  • Best practices for managing a multi-generational workforce in enterprises

“Synergy” is a key attribute of any high-performing team, and we all as a unit must focus to equip ourselves with it and incorporate it in our work culture. Each person has a different talent and different intensity levels. One might be good in a particular dimension while someone else in another. But when working together as one team, the output of team-work brings together the advantages of both the individuals’ talents and potentials. This way a team can achieve higher and better results which are definitely not possible without harnessing synergies and working together.

Younger generations have high levels of energy, single-pointed focus, zeal to accomplish, more scope for action, a need for fame, a pride for showcasing their talent and lesser diversions.

Older generations are a treasure of vision, high levels of confidence, open mindedness, client-facing experience, hands-on and on-the-field experience, greater trouble shooting and problem solving thinking owing to the number of occurrences of problems they have stumbled on or been exposed to. They possess the ability to think in terms of the big picture and co-relate every small and big element to it, aiding the progress of the team in the right direction.

Thus, a combination of these two categories of workforce is becoming increasingly vital for success. Success requires all of us to be cognizant of the advantages we can reap by having such a multi-generational workforce in our projects and making the maximum of each other in the team.

We should make this a practice and keep this in mind while putting a team together for any project. Benefits of a multigenerational workforce are unequivocally manifold and concrete.

  • Talent models in the digital future

We live in the digital era where everyone is digitally savvy and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that things cease to exist if they are not present on digital platforms. Every day, technology has new concepts to offer to us to learn and use. Clients insist and prefer teams which have a flair for using as much digital technologies as possible to create value and benefit the business. It is the status quo. And the need for providing best services is the top priority for anyone part of a viable business.

Individuals now have to equip themselves with the latest technologies and are expected to have the open-mindedness to embrace new technologies and implement them in their work. They should be able to easily see the common features and identify the gaps and build their capabilities on them.

Equally important is the quality of knowledge we acquire about these technologies. It should always be a strong foundation without any compromise on quality. The fact that we are learning so many new things should not weaken our intelligence and absorbing capabilities and we should never end up being a “Jack of all trades and master of none”!

Knowledge of a technology might come into action or be put to use after very many years but still our knowledge levels should be sound. And burnishing it from time to time instead of getting trained from scratch has huge advantages. Only then the time, the effort, the context and the money we put in are worthy of the person-hours and capital invested.

  • Attracting and retaining the best talent – recruitment and culture

Best talent comprises people who know themselves well – they know their potential and develop themselves on many aspects of their career. Such people are able to get along with the trending technologies, and are able to add value in any place at any company. They are able to meet the desired and expected satisfaction levels of any workplace.

Getting such talent to a workplace and being able to use their talent for benefit of the business is a talent in itself! Recruitment teams should look for such talent and their inspection levels should go beyond academics and communication. It should include the work-attitude predominantly.

Along with recruitment, being able to retain such talent as well is a worthy of the management’s effort. Employee satisfaction means a lot these days. Work anywhere is appealing for good talented people. For them a company does not matter much if it is only work that motivates them.

Many people have the potential but lack a sense of direction and guidance. To help them tap their potential, the rest of us in the workforce should aid them with various training programs both technically and psychologically. Teachings and guidance levied by our own management gurus like Chanakya can benefit remarkably.

As we know “Justice delayed is justice denied”. Similarly, timely recognition of talent is extremely vital.

Remote workforce as well should be included here without fail.

  • Changing workforce and talent in banking

Banking is also undergoing a lot of changes and the pace with which disruption is unfolding is also very high. To cope with the ongoing disruption, we need to have our eyes and ears open to see the change, be the change and many a times make the change happen. Having the right workforce strategy, the optimal mix of people, and the appropriate talented resources can help a business survive and thrive. The right talent-mix and retaining the talented workforce are key, and every organization should not only be aware of this but also demonstrate and promote it widely at the workplace. Talent and work culture together define the way we get along at a company. And the compounding effect of these crucial elements make a real difference to our world!

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  • Sree, you have it very well. It definitely shows your own experience and what kind of leadership we see in you. At the same time we can see how your points are also truly Infosys strategy of navigate next where we upscale ourselves to be ahead in the market and to be able to compete with other vendors.

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  • Kudos for your snippet Vidhya. Well written. Now for one more time I can believe the quote A Problem Well stated is Half solved. Your multidimensional approach to give a one stop shop for a promising corporate career is definitely appreciable. Good Luck to your future.

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