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Cloud Service for New Age Applications

April 23, 2018 - Sandeep Joseph Mathew Senior Consultant


Bob has an idea to launch a gaming application which can be accessed across geographies. But he has limited funds, so he prepares a business plan to attract investors. In order to avoid the initial cost of setting up data centers he decides to use a renowned cloud service provider. One that will take care of providing low level hardware and software infrastructure on a pay-by-use model to host applications on cloud. Low level hardware includes servers whereas low level software includes a database management system. The cloud service provider will provide necessary security of the servers and data so that there will not be any threat of losing customer information.
The decision to use cloud service is beneficial to Bob because the initial cost is significantly reduced. Now, he can focus entirely on building his gaming app, and need not worry about the underlying infrastructure. At this stage, since Bob cannot estimate the possible traffic to his website, using a cloud service would benefit him as it offers the flexibility to add more servers and more storage capacity dynamically. This ensures business scalability with service available round the clock. In addition to ensuring high data availability, data can be stored in multiple locations using distributed storage. Another benefit is, the possibility of validating applications with more number of servers which otherwise would not have been possible with a limited number of servers. Additionally, the performance of the application with any number of users logged in can be validated.
Another important aspect that Bob needs to take care of is security when using cloud services while designing the application. In addition, he will also need to ensure application security. A cloud segment PaaS (Platform as a service) like the Google App Engine could be a good solution for Bob as it requires less knowledge and skill to develop and deploy applications, thereby leading to rapid time to market. Moreover, load balancing is automatic if his request rate increases, and billing will be based on the CPU cycles he uses and the bandwidth. Bob needs to be aware of APIs (Application Program Interface) to access infrastructure components and follow protocols set by the platform. He can also collaborate with social networking sites like Facebook for his gaming application and leverage active users on the social media platform.
Clearly cloud computing and storage services has paved a way for Bob to market his business proposition to investors effectively!

Sandeep Joseph Mathew

Senior Consultant

Sandeep Joseph Mathew is a product owner in Finacle Loans ART at EdgeVerve Systems Ltd. His areas of interest include product management and credit monitoring. He is a Chartered Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. He holds Post Graduate Diploma in Management from LIBA, Chennai and BTECH from CUSAT, Kochi.

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