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What is Process Mining

Process mining can be defined as a practice of using software to study what people in a company do on a regular basis and describe their actions in the form of processes. In simple words, it is a method of analysis aimed at discovering, monitoring and improving real processes by gathering information from available event logs in the systems of current information of an organization.

Unlike manual methods, which is time-consuming and comes clouded with human biases and limited subject knowledge, this process of regular information gathering can help find holdups or inefficiencies, providing visibility into actual performance, making the process transparent. By utilizing software to track event logs, companies can automatically generate processes and process maps of the entire organization. While, process mining tools rely on actual data and provide more visibility when compared to manual processes, they still lack in certain areas.

While certain concerns around data extraction and curation, and managing complex event logs – combined with other analysis techniques like pattern mining and visual analytics are taken care of, there are still limitations with process mining. Since it records system events, and not user and activity tasks, it fails to capture all the nuances of human and system interaction, thus requiring manual effort to interpret the information generated. Its incompatibility with all IT environments, lack of expertise among process users to interpret inputs from process mining tools and concept drift with business processes undergoing changes regularly also add to the limitations of process mining.


Process Discovery vs Process Mining


Process Discovery on the other hand is a machine learning-based tool that helps organizations maximize the value of automation. It identifies business processes, tallies all possible variations using proprietary machine learning algorithms and makes recommendations for automation. Not only does it distinguish business processes that can be automated but also designs automation workflows, making the design, development and implementation of automation quicker and more efficient.

The process discovery bots monitor an organization’s business processes for a specific period, running on employee machines in a non-intrusive way, without hampering daily work and collecting data on how the organization makes use of various applications to perform its tasks. This data is then analyzed by AI, which recommends the best contenders for automation, by weighing up the time, effort and finances that can be saved through it. It then generates automation workflows that can be moved to an automation tool for a seamless automation journey.

With EdgeVerve’s recently launched Process Discovery tool – AssistEdge Discover, organizations can realise the true value of automation and maximize their ROI. The first-ever process discovery tool, AssistEdge Discover is different from the conventional process mining tools in various ways. It offers all the benefits with a simple yet smooth user interface and process design. It is a non-intrusive product that leverages user key strokes and sophisticated neural network algorithms to create insightful business process maps. These maps, along with insights generated by the analytics engine, provide a powerful foundation for inter-functional collaboration, effective change management and continuous improvement; all of this is free from human bias.


AssistEdge Discover ROI Framework

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AssistEdge Discover

AssistEdge Discover reveals crucial process nuances essential to create an effective Automation blueprint and provides an ability to unlock the true value of Automation. Along with helping enterprises accelerate Process Discovery by reducing manual effort of large-scale process identification and mapping all process variations and exceptions, it also helps amplifying automation value by leveraging the potential of AI as an integrated approach to maximize the business process outcome.

By creating an effective automation blueprint, bringing transparency and eliminating human bias, AssistEdge Discover also improves automation success rate. Lastly, by avoiding potential errors and pitfalls through smarter exception handling, it also increases predictability.


Identifying the right processes to automate is often seen as an unknown bridge many are afraid to cross. For most enterprises, difficulties in realizing the value of its automation is associated with the first step – acquiring an accurate and comprehensive mapping of all their business processes. Once we take the right first step, the rest are well taken care of. AssistEdge Discover provides these organizations with a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to identify the ideal processes for RPA and to continue automating additional tasks. Basing ROI on empirical data and analysis, not guesswork and forecasts, it ensures that the enterprise is not automating broken processes. It identifies the processes to automate and generates an automation workflow. With such a complete map of processes, initiatives won’t fail and can bypass bottlenecks caused by inefficiency. This leads to value realization of RPA and better ROI. So, if you are looking at unlocking the true potential of automation for your enterprise, choose AssistEdge Discover.

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