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How can the key disciplines – Discover, Automate and Orchestrate, provide enterprises with the right platform to traverse the journey towards Automation Singularity? Why should enterprises care about Automation Singularity?

Enterprises today are experiencing a massive shift in the way they think and work, doing away with legacy systems and bringing about a synergy of people, process, and technology. As enterprises and technologies continue to evolve, human and digital workers will work in close collaboration with each other than ever before. Achieving Automation Singularity, a state of ‘Nirvana’ requires a unified and coordinated human-bot workforce.

In this paper, we have tried to articulate the importance of the human-bot workforce to embark on the journey towards Automation Singularity, and the changes enterprises need to implement to achieve this end state — from deterministic to intelligent automation and ultimately to Autonomous Operations. The report will also take you through the steps needed to begin your automation journey – setting up a CoE, creating an automation roadmap, training your existing workforce, and building a change management framework among others.

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