Our client is a leading logistics provider in the world, operating in over 200 countries and handling millions of packages every day.

They realized that to open new horizons of transformation, they had to take their automation program to the next level and connect the very foundation of processes, data, and people. Hence, they were looking to orchestrate end-to-end process automation, democratize automation with low code/no-code tools, and give their employees the power to automate everyday tasks.

The challenge — To take their automation program to the next level, the client wanted to migrate 200+ live bots across 50 processes to AssistEdge 19.0.

With the AssistEdge 19.0 Migration Workbench’s easy 4-step migration process, the client was able to complete the migration process in record time, with minimal downtime and no adverse impact on business KPIs.

Download the case study to learn how upgrading to AssistEdge RPA 19.0, our connected automation platform, enabled the client to save $25 Mn with cost reduction.

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