How far have enterprises come since the adoption of RPA? How can enterprises enable the seamless synergy of human and bot workers — The future workforce?

Organizations today are moving toward a more agile, hyper-productive, and continuously optimized process ecosystem which requires a clear strategic direction and a synergy of people, process, and technology. They are serious about expanding and scaling their automation efforts for the multitude of benefits it can provide for their human workforces and business outcomes. As automation gains momentum, seamlessly unifying digital and human workforce is essential. Thus businesses need to look at building a solid foundation to embark on the Automation Singularity journey — an end state of the future workforce.

In this study, Forrester conducted an online survey of 300 business and IT decision-makers responsible for their organizations’ RPA strategies and initiatives. Respondents were from Australia, France, Germany, Japan, US, and UK markets.

The study aims to understand how organizations can come closer to achieving the vision of Automation Singularity, the state of RPA adoption and the future needs of these organizations.

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