Robotic Process Automation & AI Week

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About the Session

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have given business leaders the opportunity to make faster, more accurate decisions and discover new opportunities for growth.

While many enterprises are still at the early stages of implementation, identifying which processes to automate and how, many have moved from proof of concept to centres of excellence and into the realms of influencing digital behaviours. The convergence of data with RPA will help you reveal process insights and gain unprecedented visibility of your infrastructure to identify process improvement opportunities.

RPA & AI Week is the original and leading annual, marquee cross-industry forum dedicated to providing tangible insight from the leading RPA and AI practitioners. Whether you are just starting your journey, deciding which processes to automate, rolling out an increased number of bots or pushing the limits of AI, this event has it all from the best of the best practitioners around!

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Topic – Automation Unchained: A Holistic Approach to Enterprise Automation