Leveraging Intelligent Automation for Greater Enterprise Agility and Efficiency

Date: Nov 26, 2019
Time: 03:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time Asia/Kolkata

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About the Webinar

To remain competitive, organizations not only need to show improvements in their customer-facing capabilities, but they also need to up the game on their internal efficiencies. Alongside a sharp focus on differentiating their customer offerings, they need to ensure, on the execution front, they are moving toward a more agile, hyper-productive, and continuously optimized process ecosystem.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a significant component that drives this vision, bringing consistency and throughput, but also enabling organizations to enhance their abilities in personalization and response times to their end customers. Automation empowers and complements the human capability by handling repetitive tasks and leveraging cognitive capabilities for continuous learning.

Join this webinar to know how enterprises can adopt Intelligent Automation to achieve their vision of becoming more agile.

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Rajasundaram Subramanian

Director of Digital Labs, Expleo Solutions

Raja Sundaram Subramanian, a veteran with experience from HCL, Infosys, Standard Chartered Bank, has 25 years of experience in IT industry within software development and testing. He is currently heading Digital Labs in India for Expleo Solutions Ltd. He is a core technologist, an avid knowledge seeker and has worked for major BFSI logos like RBS, ABN Amro, National Aus Bank, OMX. A thought leader in applying technologies for better customer experience, he is focused on Innovation & development of service accelerators. He is also responsible for driving market messaging and communications and interfaces with primary market analyst relations (Nelson Hall, Gartner etc).