Connected Automation at Scale for the Logistics Industry

Date: Jan 27, 2022
Time: 9 AM to 9 PM 

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About the Webinar

Most enterprises in the logistics industry are currently leveraging automation tactically in isolated pockets to achieve process efficiency and cost savings. The lack of a connected strategy across multiple functions could be holding businesses back from unlocking the true productivity potential that automation can offer.

The Reuters Events webinar, in partnership with EdgeVerve, focused on discussing the challenges faced by the logistics industry when it comes to automation and how businesses can better align themselves for a synchronized and value-adding automation shift.

Expert industry-leading speakers discussed key topics, including:


Eric Rempel

Chief Innovation Officer, Redwood Logistics

Glenn VanLandingham

Vice President & Head – Solution Consulting, EdgeVerve

Rob Cook

Chief Technology Officer, Sheer Logistics

Peter Bolstorff

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, ASCM