How bots played a key role in process transformation at Infosys – A case study

Date: Mar 11, 2021
Time: 9 AM to 9 PM Asia/Kolkata

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About the Webinar

Business agility is no longer a buzzword but has become a market reality, making it imperative for enterprises globally to continuously evolve their technology at speed and scale. An important element of the management of business-critical projects for clients is the monthly billing that is based on confirmation of effort or other metrics and milestones. This is an activity that is carried out across all engagements and typically involves processing multiple projects for each engagement. Adding to the complexity, projects are categorized into different billing categories based on the engagement types like – Fixed Price, Time & Material & Unit of Work. This combination of manual effort, complexity and volume inevitably results in human errors, increased project overheads, and impacted client deliverables.

Watch this webinar as we, along with our partner Infosys Validation Solutions demonstrate how we helped achieve end-to-end automation of the project billing process at Infosys, and reduced overall processing time per billing project, thereby ramping up number of projects billed in just 3 months.

Takeaways include the ability to:

Watch the Webinar Recording

Watch the Webinar Recording

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Niranjan VS

VP - Delivery Head - Infosys Validation Solutions Infosys Validation Solutions

Prashant Vaishnav

AVP and Senior Director – Partnerships, Edgeverve