AIRIM 2017

Date: Nov 9, 2017
Time: Full day Asia/Kolkata
LOCATION: Keyworth Centre, London SE1 6NG

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Event details

Topic: AI, Robotics and Immersive Media
Time: Full day

About the event

The New Paradigm – Digital Workforce

Human and Digital workforce will co-exist in coming age and will symbiotically work to improve the life quality and experience of the human beings, across the industries and sectors.

From drone technologies for agriculture, to smart glass for repair workers on site, with access to various schematic diagrams and Robo- Advisers giving sound and objective financial advice and planning to banking customer, the possibilities are endless and shaping well especially for the financial services industry.

Abhishek in this session, will attempt to decode the Robots of the future and the impact of the Digital Workforce, on human lives and experience, in the new digital age, while digital economy goes on to contribute in excess of 25% of the total Global Economy by 2020.