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AssistEdge enabled a large telecom enterprise to manage tickets raised by customers affected by COVID-19, assuring superior customer experience

Read How a European Telecommunications Leader with A Long History of Service Excellence Addressed Key Customer Concerns During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Our client is a leader in communication services headquartered in the UK. With a 170-year history, the client operates a multinational organization in nearly 180 countries providing fixed line, broadband, mobile, Pay-TV, and enterprise IT services.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are using their phones to stay in touch and reach out for help. Our client was looking to prioritize Repair and Provision orders within a period of 21 days.


For Repair and Provision orders, our customers and engineers were manually entering notes, highlighting infected houses/areas. As the engineers were not able to enter these homes to complete their tasks, this led to SLG and an increase in the number of complaint calls. The operators had to search for notes and identify COVID-19 affected cases manually. Once identified, these cases were separated from the remaining requests. These requests were manually rescheduled and continuously monitored for any amendments or cancellation. All this caused delays in servicing requests and overall customer dissatisfaction.


AssistEdge RPA bots were deployed to proactively read notes for both Provision and Repair orders, identify COVID-19 affected homes. These cases were then separated from the rest to form a new queue in the system for servicing. Once the cases were assigned, AssistEdge RPA bots rescheduled engineer visits to a future date by logging into various systems and completed the request by keeping the customer informed about the request.

Phase 1: Identified COVID-19 Cases

For Repair:

  • Searched assessment plan notes for keywords related to COVID-19

  • For all exceptions highlighted as COVID, assigned a unique robotic ID

  • Separated these tasks from the rest by creating a new queue in the system

For Provision:

  • Logged in to the internal system and searched assessment plan notes for COVID-19 keywords

  • For all exceptions highlighted as COVID, assigned a unique robotic ID

  • Separated these tasks by creating a new queue in the system

  • Re-scheduled engineering visit to a future date

  • Placed amend request and sent KCI to the customer

Phase 2: Re-scheduled COVID-19 cases

For Repair:

  • Once the task for these cases were identified, they were re-scheduled within 21 days

  • Updated desk agents once the task was completed

For Provision:

  • Once the task was identified for these cases, the re-scheduling bot was triggered

  • The re-scheduling bot then logged in to the client’s internal portal to book an appointment after 21 days

  • Updated the notes and appointment reference numbers

  • Updated the desk teams once the task was completed

Phase 3: Monitored COVID-19 cases

  • Logged in to Siebel internal systems

  • Monitored for any amendments and cancellations

  • Updated desk agents once the amend or cancel requests were identified


With AssistEdge RPA bots, the client:

Identified non-COVID-19 affected Repair and Provision orders quickly and accurately, so engineers could respond and service these cases

Identified exceptions related to COVID-19 affected cases without manual intervention

Removed identified cases quickly from the regular servicing queue, so that they don’t affect service level guarantees

Eliminated manual searching of cases by desk teams

Re-scheduled COVID-19 cases after a period of 21 days

Removed manual monitoring for any amendments or cancellations

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