Read How a European Telecommunications Leader with A Long History of Service Excellence Addressed Key Customer Concerns During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Our client is a leader in communication services headquartered in the UK. With a 170-year history, the client operates a multinational organization in nearly 180 countries providing fixed line, broadband, mobile, Pay-TV, and enterprise IT services.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are using their phones to stay in touch and reach out for help. Our client was looking to expedite appointments of customers deemed ‘at risk’ for COVID-19.


Our client was looking to help customers deemed ‘at risk’ for COVID-19 (e.g., someone who was self-quarantined, tested positive or exposed to someone tested positive) who also had service issues by re-prioritizing the tasks of their service engineers, and expediting their appointment.


The client implemented AssistEdge RPA bots to identify the ‘at risk’ customers who had service issues such as — phone lines not working or were unable to contact the hospitals/ambulances for emergencies.

Phase 1: Separated ’at risk’ customers from those not ‘at risk’

  • The client logged in to their internal customer management dashboard, which gave a view of all the customer data and customer queries

  • The client searched for any ’at risk’ customers by querying data in the dashboard

  • The AssistEdge RPA bots then extracted the requested data from the Repair and Provision fields

  • The reports with this data were downloaded automatically and sent to the Task manager bot every 15 mins

  • The Task manager bot then updated the priority of each query

  • Lastly, the Task manager bot sent across an SMS to the engineer with the priorities, which allowed them to proceed with their service work and to take appropriate action

Phase 2: Expedited appointments

  • Collated the order details for all ‘at risk’ customers

  • For all Provision orders, logged into the internal portal to search for the first appointment date

  • Booked the appointment by categorizing it as expedite request

  • Updated SMCs once amend placed in Siebel CRM

  • Placed an ‘amend order’ in Siebel CRM for expediting the requests


The client implemented AssistEdge RPA bots to:

Identify ‘at risk’ customers quickly and accurately

Provide a faster resolution to customers deemed ‘at risk’

Eliminate manual searching of the priority cases

Book appointment for ‘at risk’ customers by expediting the requests

Identify cases by appointment date, so engineers can respond and service these cases as quickly as possible

Help millions of customers stay connected and safe

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