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A leading insurance company leveraged AssistEdge to ensure speedy e-delivery of contracts amidst COVID-19 crisis

Read how our client, a leading insurance company implemented AssistEdge RPA bots to ensure business continuity and operational efficiency in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic

Our client is a leading insurance agency, providing multiple services and products to customers in the US.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Financial Reps and Network offices were working remotely.


As financial representatives were working from home, they did not have access to mailed insurance contracts. To ensure that policyholders have coverage under policies they applied for, digital copies of the contract pages were sent to customers for signature. Financial reps need to have access to a digital copy of the contracts generated, to guide their clients and clarify queries. Due to the absence of electronic delivery, clients requested a short-term e-delivery of contracts to process new policies and resolve customer queries.


AssistEdge RPA bots were selected to automate the process. With AssistEdge RPA bots, the contract PDFs available in a common folder were identified and uploaded to a docket through an API, which was made available to the financial representatives.

  • The bots checked for new contracts PDF in a shared folder

  • They validated the PDF based on a specific criterion

  • They submitted the PDF through an API

  • If the submission was a success, the bot then moved the file to a processed folder

  • Post 6 am, the bots sent across a consolidated email for processing the contracts


The implementation of AssistEdge RPA bots:

Enabled Financial Reps to promptly handle and resolve customer queries

Helped the client comply with policy requirements

Ensured digital delivery of contracts to new business clients

Ensured easy access to contracts and faster processing of policies

EdgeVerve is working with its clients to tide over business disruption caused due to COVID-19 pandemic. We are certain that we will come out ‘Stronger Together.’

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