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AssistEdge RPA automated billing process for a global logistics provider during COVID-19 crisis

Read How A US-Based Logistics Company Ensured Business Continuity in the Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic

Our client is a US-based transportation and logistics company, operating in 30 countries across the world.

In the face of the global crisis, ‘work-from-home’ has become a reality, resulting in organizations across industry sectors adopting new business models and ways of working.


The sales and carrier representatives sometimes took a long time after delivery to move orders into ‘Ready to Bill’ (RTB) and ‘Ready to Pay’ (RTP) status, respectively. This was necessary to sort out issues such as missing documentation and challenging unexpected fees. In many cases, it was unnecessary and resulted in increasing the client’s Days-to-Bill and Days-Sales-Outstanding metrics, directly impacting the financials.

Our client was looking to automate its billing process to ensure payment operations are on track, and processing payments can be done remotely.


AssistEdge bots were deployed to automate RTB/RTP.

  • Sales and carrier representatives completed the delivery of the order. Optionally, changed to “Hold” status if they required time to resolve open issues.

  • AssistEdge RPA bots found new “Delivered” orders and sent out a notification letting reps know which orders were candidates for RTB/RTP and the day they would transition. Depending on carrier payment terms, the bot waited 2-7 days to transition.

  • Sales and carrier reps optionally moved orders to “On Hold” if they didn’t want them to automatically change to ‘Ready to Bill’ or ‘Ready to Pay’ status.

  • The bot then moved orders to ‘Ready to Bill’ or ‘Ready to Pay’ status that were not in “Hold” status.

  • If any business rule prevented an order from transitioning, then the reps were notified in the next day’s status report.


AssistEdge RPA bots helped the client:

Better manage orders into RTB/RTP status

Reduce Annual Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) of USD 2.5M

See a reduction in orders in a “Delivered” status of $336K in the first few weeks of usage

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