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AssistEdge RPA automated shipment tracking for a global logistics provider

Read how a US-based logistics company ensured business continuity and navigated operational challenges in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic

Our client is a US-based transportation and logistics company, operating in over 30 countries across the world.


Tracking and updating the client’s customer websites/portals for shipment status was a manual, time-consuming, and an outdated process, leading to delays and errors.

The client chose to automate the shipment scheduling and tracking status for one of its customers, thus optimizing operations, integrating processes, and managing logistics across the supply chain. This way, the client was able to save labor costs, improve visibility, get rid of manual methods, and automate manual shipping tasks.

As the client saw significant results with the use case, they applied the steps to manage the impact of COVID-19 too. With remote working the new reality and shortage of staff with skills, AssistEdge RPA helped the client tide over the crisis by keeping the lights on.


AssistEdge RPA bots were deployed to track shipments on the client’s customer website for order/location status and update the client’s tracking engine with the location details. This way, the client’s customer was required to only look at their website for all shipments sent via road and air.

  • AssistEdge RPA bots monitored the client’s customer orders

  • Every hour, the bot logged onto the client’s customer website and searched for the client’s orders

  • The Transportation Management System (TMS) was updated with the current location of the load

  • If an order was not found on the client’s customer website/portal, the bot recorded it in the database

  • Users were then notified of any exceptions where the bot was unable to find an order


AssistEdge RPA bots helped:

Continuously monitor GFF orders on the client’s customer website & update TMS with the current location

Provide more frequent and timely location updates

Save 4 minutes per order per status

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