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Mitigating Risks and Reducing Overheads with Application Usage Insights during COVID-19 Crisis

April 15, 2020 - Deepinder Dhuria Product Manager, EdgeVerve


Today, the world is facing unprecedented headwinds causing economic disruptions. While the world is fighting the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are in the process of adopting new norms to ensure their organization continues to deliver value to the customers. The gradual implementation of work-from-home policies across the organization imposes operational risks as well as a few overheads. Organizations with a history of operating in a closed-loop system are now opening their applications to be accessed from home.

Virtual mechanisms not only allow employees to connect and access these applications from anywhere but also help organizations to reduce overheads, ensure security, and rationalize application usage by monitoring:

Monitoring such information can be a daunting task when numerous applications become susceptible to a new network. Automated process discovery products, while discovering the day-to-day process steps performed by a user, can also help in application tracking and rationalization in these challenging times.

Process discovery products capture key digital interactions that employees make with an enterprise application. This granular interaction data empirically captured across all the employees forms the basis of application usage reporting. The application usage data captured by process discovery provides an insight into how employees are using the application by providing reports on:

In these dire times, such insights help organizations in endless ways. From keeping operational risks at bay to identifying any unnecessary overheads on their IT infrastructure by taking actions like sun-setting applications that are unused, optimizing license usages, and disabling any older version.

AssistEdge Discover is a leading process discovery product that captures and leverages user’s digital interactions to create business process maps and transformational insights that aids enterprises in process improvement, automation, and efficiency. Powered by empirical data, the outcomes are free from human biases providing a powerful foundation for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Deepinder Dhuria

Product Manager, EdgeVerve

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