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Process Discovery — An enterprise’s key to amplifying operational efficiency

October 6, 2021 - Team EdgeVerve


With more and more enterprises coming on board the digital transformation journey, there’s been an increasing need to automate the processes to increase productivity and efficiency, thereby enhancing the employee experience. While automation has opened greater avenues, enterprises often find it challenging to identify the right processes to automate that would impact the result. To be able to identify the right processes, enterprises can leverage Process Insights.

By studying maps and documents of ongoing business tasks, process insights provide you with data on the situation so that you can make the right choices. Identifying the set of tools and techniques that are used to define, map, and analyze the processes of an organization is called Process Discovery.

Manual methods of identifying processes to automate could lead to many unwanted processes being automated, or even worse, the right ones may be ignored. Moreover, manual methods are time-consuming and prone to errors which would put us thousand steps behind, whereas the main purpose of automation is to be ahead of the rest.

Potential benefits of Process Discovery

Process Discovery is a planned, time-saving, efficient method that not only helps recognize the right processes to automate but also helps the implementation team by planning a lot during the discovery stage. Some of its key benefits include:

How can Process Discovery work for you

Data supplied by the systems of your employees will give you a bird’s-eye view of their performance and an entirely new set of insights allowing experts to get an accurate description and visual representation of process execution on ground zero.

Process discovery, when paired with automation (Robotic Process Automation or RPA), ensures great success because they are closely linked. Process discovery allows RPA an opportunity to identify ideal processes and automate additional tasks with increased efficiency and care. Processes that require automation are identified, and a corresponding automation blueprint is produced, helping business understand their business on a microscopic level, bolstering their digital metamorphosis.

Process Discovery bots then run on employee machines in a non-intrusive way, without hampering daily work and collecting data on how the employees use various applications to perform their tasks. Advanced ML algorithms then analyze the data, generating Automation workflows that can be moved to an automation tool for a seamless Automation journey.

Why do enterprises choose process discovery over process mining?

A conventional method of process identification, process mining, doesn’t capture all the insights that help in accurate identification. This leads to further complexities in business processes impacting multiple systems and applications.

Process discovery, on the other hand, captures the bits and bytes of a process more effectively. It ensures the automation processes aren’t broken or incomplete, leading to piece-meal implementation. It is also less time-consuming and produces effective mapping resulting in faster and accurate process identification.

Uncovering the invisible enterprise

Process Discovery bots collect data in an unintrusive way and without disrupting the day-to-day activities. Advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms examine data and create workflows. Neural nets aid in the process by recognizing tasks, applications, and human knowledge that together create a sustainable meta-model for task delegation and execution in the future.

Groundbreaking technologies like Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning give birth to the invisible enterprise. This system is normally excluded from traditional, non-automated mapping. This manual and orthodox method has greater visibility but is rendered futile as the same exercise can be done through these advanced algorithms. In the end, a combination of meticulous research and analysis is offered for expert scrutiny on a silver platter. It collects bytes of a process in a way that is detailed so that the business does not needlessly dwell on automating broken and incompetent processes.

EdgeVerve’s AssistEdge Discover is one such unique tool that unlocks the hidden business value trapped in your processes. It acts as a powerful foundation for enterprises seeking cutting-edge technology and helps create a powerful digital transformation strategy. An AI-based technology, AssistEdge enables an enterprise to capture task-level data, and this granular information is the key to unlock the true value of automation.

If your enterprise is planning to kick-start the digital transformation journey, read how Process Discovery can make it easier for you to ensure automation success.

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