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How AssistEdge RPA 19.0 helped a logistics provider scale its automation program

June 17, 2022 - TradeEdge Team


Business processes, people, and data are the bedrock of how logistics companies operate and compete in the increasingly saturated market. In order for them to continue to do so, they need a competitive edge beyond what Robotic Process Automation bots can accommodate. Simple RPA bots deployment can only handle recurring tasks, but scaling automation and implementing it in other critical business areas needs something beyond what RPA bots can handle. To achieve end-to-end process automation, companies need to scale automation.

Hence, to open new horizons of transformation, logistics companies need to take their automation program to the next level and connect the very foundation of processes, data, and people.

This is where Connected Automation comes in. Connected Automation is the foundation for Intelligent Automation empowering enterprises to connect data, processes, and people,  on a single, unified platform.

Powering Connected Automation with AssistEdge RPA 19.0

For instance, a leading logistics provider worldwide, with operations in over 200 countries, handles millions of packages daily, from pick-up to delivery. The client wanted to orchestrate its end-to-end process automation, democratize automation with low code/no-code tools, and give their employees the power to automate everyday tasks. In order for the automation program to reach the next level, the company was ready to migrate 200+ live bots across 50 processes to AssistEdge 19.0 with minimal downtime and no adverse impact on business KPIs.

The flexible, API-first and open architecture of AssistEdge 19.0 offers advanced security and reliability and optimizes the total cost of ownership. AssistEdge 19.0 Migration Workbench’s easy 4-step migration process helped complete the migration process in record time, automating the routing process for domestic and international package returns, with the most negligible impact on business continuity.

Benefits delivered to the client:

Download the case study to read more.

AssistEdge, a cohesive automation platform by EdgeVerve, enables enterprises to scale in their automation journey. With a comprehensive suite of products, businesses can initiate process discovery, intelligent automation, and digital workforce orchestration. Connected automation helps enterprises unlock value through reduced service time, faster sales cycles, better resource allocation, accelerated revenue recognition, and improved efficiency.

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