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How can enterprises achieve Automation Maturity?

August 14, 2020 - Shrikant Deo Associate Director, Product Management, EdgeVerve


What is Maturity in an Automation Journey?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become the go-to automation technology for enterprises across the globe today. However, only a few enterprises can claim to have achieved maturity in their automation journey. What does maturity in automation mean?

Automation maturity can be defined by 4 dimensions –

A mature automation program is reflected in real business results, not just in terms of the number of bots. Significant labor-cost value (usually in Millions of man-hours saved) is a major business benefit, which the organizations can realize through re-deployment of the high-value human workforce or actual operational cost reduction. A well planned and executed automation program also provides other business values like better sales, higher revenue collections, and better compliance. For e.g. a large global electronics manufacturing client achieved 21% better collections in their F&A department within 3 months of automation implementation with the AssistEdge RPA platform.

What is needed to achieve this maturity?


A truly mature automation program is measured, not by the number of bots, but by the business results it helped achieve. It starts with the executive sponsor setting an aspirational target for the team and setting up the right vision for the program. Multiple teams work seamlessly governed by a central COE team in delivering automation at scale. The organization stands to get significant business outcomes from a mature automation program, far beyond the expected operational cost reduction.

Shrikant Deo

Associate Director, Product Management, EdgeVerve

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