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Process Discovery Blueprint – A Comprehensive Guide to Amplifying your Digital Transformation Strategy

March 1, 2022 - Team EdgeVerve


Businesses across sectors are accelerating digital transformation at scale to gain an edge over the competition. Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is the steppingstone, but the absence of a systematic approach to identifying the ideal process candidate can be a major stumbling block. Experts found that Process Discovery effectively highlights opportunities in processes to drive improvement.

What is Process Discovery?

Process Discovery is an assortment of tools and techniques used for investigating how people perform business processes. It combines business process management and data mining to identify, monitor, and improve real processes, compares the desired output against their original definitions, and fosters operational excellence.

Process Discovery: Scope & Objective

Once the enterprise successfully identifies the processes that need automation, they move ahead with automating those processes using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Meanwhile, Process Discovery tools are constantly working behind to pinpoint new processes that can be brought under the automation umbrella. In addition, critical work functions like human resources and customer services need a touch of automation.

Process Discovery helps enterprises identify all these core areas effectively.

Process Discovery assists organizations in understanding existing business processes where digital transformation can drive improvements. Tactical and strategic plans are needed to remove manual activities from the identified business process workflows and make them more efficient, quick, and error-free.

Process Discovery: Steps, Benefits & Importance

Process Discovery gathers information across activities and users and generates detailed analysis to build an intelligent automation business case. The steps in the discovery process are straightforward:

Why Process Discovery is Important

According to experts, up to 50% of RPA projects currently fail. Below are a few enterprise challenges in the Automation journey:

Process Discovery can thus be a game-changer when it comes to improving the success rate of automation.

Process Discovery Benefits

How to Succeed with Process Discovery

Start small; Aim big

Obviously, your target is to put your entire business process on the digital wheel. However, going big and taking too much scope from the start is probably the biggest mistake one can make. So, businesses should begin by allocating smaller areas that are not stable enough for humans to adhere to the correct guidelines. Gain experience from those changes and then expand to other areas gradually.

Build a team of experts

Not every single employee in your company is well-versed with such next-level technologies. A successful Process Discovery team requires technical skills and data interpretation knowledge.

The best implementation team should be a combination of business consultants with subject matter experts and process owners to ensure process familiarity.

Choose the right vendor

Enterprises should focus on choosing a vendor that offers end-to-end capabilities – from Process Discovery to help put the findings into action and implement automation.


Process Discovery tools play a key role in enterprise transformation and operational excellence, fuelling digital transformation for businesses. But there are other hidden parameters to consider and complexities to rectify before a complete and successful transition is expected. This article throws light on how enterprises can take the next step to deploy automation enterprise-wide and scale.

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