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Case study: How AssistEdge Discover scales business processes enterprise-wide

June 3, 2022 - Team EdgeVerve


Process discovery helps enterprises map existing business processes to understand how each process works. It identifies various nuances and subtle variations in processes and recognizes the pattern in each task within which the process is rendered. Such information is crucial for businesses looking to deploy end-to-end business process automation. Process discovery identifies the suitable candidates for automation and unearths hidden opportunities that prove valuable for companies moving forward.

Manual process discovery challenges and remedies

Enterprises often face challenges pertaining to several process complexities. Maintaining vast operations across several countries with differences in local procedures, languages, and legal requirements can be pretty nerve-wracking. Process variations created by non-standardization limit visibility and significantly increase the cost of operations. In order for companies to identify such variations in existing business processes, they need a clear and granular understanding of how various users across countries approach the same process. This process mapping would be a mammoth task with an extensive scope if conducted manually. Language barriers would also severely limit the team’s capacity to identify process variations manually.

This is where process discovery plays a crucial role. It offers the following solutions:

For instance, AssistEdge Discover, AI powered solution by EdgVerve, helped a leading global beverage company with operations across 20+ countries optimize and automate two processes – cash collection and route settlement and billing processes. AssistEdge Discover helped the client identify improvement opportunities in record time, saving over a million dollars in cost and 65,000 person-hours in efforts.

Benefits of process discovery tools

Besides reducing manual intervention and eliminating unnecessary steps, process discovery provides granular visibility into the as-is processes. It identifies critical business areas requiring improvement and where automation can significantly add value. Enormous costs and effort reduction translate into accelerated revenue recognition.

Apart from the ones mentioned aforehand, process discovery tools have untold benefits for organizations looking for end-to-end business process automation. Citing the same example of the global beverage company, the key benefits are driven by AssistEdge Discover transcend into the following:


Process discovery intelligently addresses the time-labor and cost-intensive factors when identifying business use cases for automation. It not only ensures that suitable candidates are selected; instead, it helps enterprises find an optimized way of catering to the same tasks with speed and precision.

Automation is the foundation for digital transformation and a key driver of improving how companies initially perform. But to reach that stage, they need to identify the subtle variations existing in the legacy approach to executing various roles within its operations., Process discovery unearth hidden opportunities in business processes faster and more accurately. With the help of process discovery solutions like AssistEdge Discover, the whole endeavor can be completed at record speed without disrupting the general workflows.

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