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Benefits of Cloud RPA for enterprises

August 12, 2022 - Team EdgeVerve

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Cloud RPA is expanding quickly, with enterprises steadily realizing that Cloud RPA enables them to automate business processes faster, cost-effectively, smartly, and more securely compared to the on-premises RPA. This is undoubtedly a step ahead for enterprises in their digital transformation mission.

What is Cloud RPA?

Cloud RPA refers to Robotic Process Automation that’s accessible online or on cloud. RPA on cloud brings in all the responsive attributes of RPA through the cloud’s facilities. Conventionally, the RPA technologies were utilized as on-premises solutions for enterprises.

However, with the assistance of cloud-based RPA, enterprises can maintain their on-premises software solution and drift the entire infrastructure to the cloud platform. As a result, it allows businesses to scale quickly and significantly enhances the speed at which companies can design, implement, and manage applications.

Major benefits of Cloud RPA

Can be executed and deployed easily: One of the significant aspects of RPA cloud service is its ease of operation and fast deployment of technological solutions. Cloud RPA eliminates the roadblocks to implementing automation by hosting and managing the lot on a cloud platform. The connection of pre-built and augmented cloud services is effortless and extremely fast, contrasting to an on-premises solution. All the automated activities can be shifted to the cloud in just a few seconds and positioned instantly. The company needs only a one-time setup support system.

As a result, all the automated tools can be run instantly, employing a pre-built network segment. This step will reduce the need to have a significant IT department for continuous support and maintenance, thus substantially speeding up the current automation process.

Reduced infrastructure expenses: Robotic Process Automation on cloud reduces the cost immensely. Additionally, the technological infrastructure needed to establish and maintain Cloud RPA is much less in contrast to any on-premises enterprise technologies. Consequently, the requirement for IT support becomes minimal or nil due to the absence of any software, minimizing the technology infrastructure cost and the total cost of ownership to a large extent.

Accessibility from remote areas: Remote accessibility is one of the most significant benefits of using cloud-native RPA as it does not require downloading or installing on local devices. One of the examples of such functioning is email, which can be accessed from any device and location. Hence, team connections become more efficient and unified.

Increased data safety: Cloud RPA offers an ideal hybrid technological solution for dual delivery with the combined platform subject to strict regulatory compliance. Hence, the data extraction, processing, and migration are safe and highly free from errors. Furthermore, this amalgamated model maintains all the information on-premises while the data can be automated from the cloud.

Scalable and agile: Cloud-based RPA is a highly scalable business solution. However, in the beginning, few business processes can be automated to scale up the business without the intervention of any additional computing resources. Moreover, the Cloud RPA tools get updated regularly so the user can use the latest tool with constant and automatic updates. Subsequently, the user can get the bandwidth to work on groundbreaking solutions and deploy the latest products quicker to gain a competitive edge.

Leveraging AssistEdge Cloud RPA

For its features and benefits over traditional on-premise solutions and its unique deployment models that are apt for businesses and automation needs, enterprises must explore the power of AssistEdge Cloud RPA, an all-inclusive cloud automation solution.

By implementing AssistEdge Cloud RPA, enterprises can easily capture the automation industry’s most advanced RPA delivery capability and deep cloud expertise. AssistEdge Cloud RPA has deployed 50,000+ BOTs across various business domains so far. It brings together the authority of AssistEdge, cloud infrastructure, and Intelligent Automation, enabling enterprises to access real-time supervision of automated processes.

Cloud RPA in the future

Cloud capabilities unified with the business intelligence of RPA can effortlessly and drastically transform the processes of a company eager to incorporate this solution in the future. While any enterprise’s management emphasizes higher-level strategic decisions, operational and tactical business functions can be effortlessly automated by implementing Cloud RPA solutions. It is now the perfect time for enterprises to leverage the power of Cloud RPA platforms to deliver quick results and grow at an uninterrupted speed in the times ahead.

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