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Why is Process Discovery key to automation success?

October 13, 2021


Enterprises across the world are adopting automation to enhance productivity and stay competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace. As per the recent Fortune business insights report1, the global industrial automation market was valued at $ 157.04 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $ 296.7 billion by 2026. Automating repetitive tasks enables businesses to improve efficiency, reduce errors, improve quality, and enhance performance and output.

However, according to the 3rd Annual Global RPA Survey Report2, only a few enterprises have been able to reach any form of scalability. While few adopters are moving from experimentation to implementation using automation, most enterprises are yet to realize the full benefits. The crucial step to reap the benefits of automation is to determine the potential processes suitable for automation.

Although processes to automate could be identified manually, using cutting-edge technology helps save time and resources.

Process discovery tools can be used to map and analyze the well-defined processes of an organization. They help choose the relevant functions that can be automated to maximize the value of automation. The AI-powered tools identify the business processes and evaluate all possible variations. Process insights help determine the processes that can be automated and make the application of automation more efficient and quicker, optimizing the cost.

The process discovery bots gather data and transform them into a structured format for a meaningful analysis using AI. The user activities are grouped, data silos are analyzed, and the RPA model is proposed for implementation. The process is carried out for a set period, running on the systems unobtrusively, collecting data on how the employees use different applications to perform their daily tasks. The ML algorithms analyze the captured data, use process insights to present workflows that can be moved to automation for a seamless RPA journey towards scalability, efficiency, and productivity while saving time and resources.

How does the Process Discovery tool work?

The biggest challenge businesses face is not the inability to identify the right process to automate but not knowing how the actual processes look like. Process discovery tools are a step in the right direction enabling a 360-degree view of the processes and the variations. The tools help to gain accurate business insights and attempt to provide optimal actions for betterment.

The tool enables to collect event logs and extract data to discover definite processes. Advanced analytics can help in connecting those events to create process models and deviations. It essentially follows the steps:

Processes in real life do not work as we think them to be. Process discovery tools enable businesses to comprehend the ‘as-is” process working with accurate analysis and insights for successful outcomes.

The benefits of using Process Discovery tools

Process discovery is a cost-effective approach to leveraging digital technology’s potential for an integrated and seamless approach to business process automation.

Let’s understand the significance of process discovery in the journey towards automation for enhanced business outcomes.

As businesses grow and companies strive to differentiate themselves from their competition during these turbulent times, processes can become more complex. And that’s why Process Discovery techniques are vital today to understand the ‘as-is’ scenario and become aware of opportunities to streamline workflows.

How can EdgeVerve’s AssistEdge Discover help?

By unlocking the hidden business value trapped in your processes, AssistEdge Discover acts as a powerful foundation for enterprises seeking cutting-edge technology to drive Intelligent Automation and process excellence. It captures data automatically, analyzes empirical data, and generates actionable insights. Apart from identifying process reengineering opportunities and providing insights, it also delivers operational insights for improving SLA, identifies Task variations & automation readiness. From non-intrusively capturing human-machine interactions to leveraging AI to creating actionable process insights, AssistEdge Discover sets you on the right path to embrace continuous improvement with a relentless focus on creating a hyper-productive enterprise.


Reaping the full benefits of automation integration journey is challenging. It starts with making an accurate mapping of all the business processes. Automation technologies enable organizations to identify and automate the right processes. Traditional tools are outdated, prone to error, and time-consuming, involving vast resources. This demands a solution that can independently find out and recommend which processes must be automated for optimal returns. Process discovery tools from EdgeVerve help you reach the desired destination in the shortest time possible, enabling maximum optimization along the way.

To uncover the efficiencies of Process Discovery, download the paper on how Process Discovery works towards amplifying operational productivity by SSON and EdgeVerve.


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