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Assuring Automation Efficiency with AssistEdge Cloud RPA

August 1, 2019 - Rahul Goyal AVP & Head of Delivery, Edge Services, EdgeVerve


Forrester predicts the RPA market will reach $2.9 billion in 2021. And that automation can cut operating costs by up to 90%. Given these figures, it is no surprise that RPA is growing at an unprecedented rate across various industries and business units.

Organizations looking to embark on a digital transformation journey have implemented RPA in diverse business functions — from invoice processing and inventory management to client onboarding and customer support.

Automating highly repetitive rule-based processes helps achieve significant cost savings, increased accuracy, and optimized cycle time. Robotic Process Automation or RPA alone is not a wonder drug, but it sure does relieve the human workforce of mundane clerical tasks, thus improving business processes’ efficiency across the enterprise.

Some of the adoption challenges businesses face with RPA implementation are:

These factors call for an automation service that brings together capabilities of cloud, RPA product and managed service delivery. Deploying a cloud-based enterprise RPA platform empowers businesses to take advantage of the industry-leading automation capabilities.

How can Cloud RPA resolve these challenges? Is Cloud RPA worth the investment? Why should it take center stage?

Here are a few benefits of AssistEdge Cloud RPA. Let’s dive in:

Saves time and costs related to infrastructure deployment

Setting up RPA platforms require high capital investment. Scaling up and scaling down the platform based on business demand is not easy, thus leading to the high cost of maintaining and operating RPA programs.

RPA Cloud imposes minimal IT burden as there is no need to install the software locally. It also significantly lowers organizational costs, reduces the need to invest in large-scale IT infrastructure and decreases the complexity and time involved in setting up the RPA platform within organizations.

Enables teams to focus on value-adding tasks and not technology setup woes

What concerns businesses? Excessive efforts spent on repetitive mundane tasks, complex processes and dependency on people.

With Cloud-based services, business teams do not have to worry about spending time and energy to operate the automation technology platform. Enterprises can benefit from a new generation of automation capabilities that will enable you to streamline processes, mine into resources and adapt to customer requirements effortlessly.

If the benefits of automation are not leveraged quickly, whatever innovation is promised goes by the wayside and ROI is prolonged in the process, leading to an IT nightmare.

Rapidly scale across the enterprise

HR, procurement, finance, and customer support functions do not have to operate in individual silos any more. Cloud RPA can be deployed across the enterprise, empowering businesses to collaborate with multiple users simultaneously.

It makes your business processes smarter, faster and more reliable. You can also streamline and optimize your process flow easily.

Highly scalable and easy to setup

Scalability is a blessing in RPA implementation. It can scale quickly across the breadth and depth of an enterprise/business function. RPA implementation on cloud is a lot easier, scalable and faster than using on-premises solution.

Introducing AssistEdge Cloud RPA

Bringing together the power of AssistEdge, Cloud infrastructure and Deep Automation, enterprises get access to real-time monitoring of automated processes. A comprehensive cloud automation suite, it offers RPA as a managed service powered by standard cloud infrastructure and a flexible service model that meets diverse enterprise needs and accelerates time to value.

What can AssistEdge Cloud RPA do for you?

With AssistEdge Cloud RPA, enterprises can now tap into the industry’s best RPA delivery capability and deep cloud expertise, having deployed 50,000+ BOTs across business domains. It provides RPA on tap to futureproof your business with greater speed, scalability and security through hassle-free rapid process automation.

We experienced this with one of the largest global healthcare technology companies, where we implemented AssistEdge Cloud RPA for their finance and accounting function. With AssistEdge, the organization was able to automate a staggering 140 processes across its operations and saved 400,000 person-hours. Click here to read more.

Features and benefits of AssistEdge Cloud RPA:


Managing everything on the Cloud!

Interest in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Cloud, Machine Learning (ML), and cognitive intelligence has increased over the past year. Early adopters have already achieved significant benefits with RPA implementation — from automating repetitive business processes to accelerating time to value.

Moving to the Cloud is but a natural step in the journey to digital transformation. Small and mid-sized companies that focus on scaling automation processes are gradually shifting to cloud-based services within the organization.

In a nutshell, cloud convergence is signalling a new era of automation. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

To learn more about AssistEdge Cloud RPA, visit our website now.

Rahul Goyal

AVP & Head of Delivery, Edge Services, EdgeVerve

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