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AssistEdge is now a CyberArk certified partner

January 11, 2019 - Praveen


AssistEdge CyberArk C3 Alliance

AssistEdge RPA is now one of the most secure enterprise RPA solutions in the market. The CyberArk Application Identity Manager integrated with AssistEdge provides a secure means for robots to automate enterprise processes. The enterprise vault stores and manages credentials and rotates them as per organizational compliance policies.

In order to automate enterprise processes, software bots need access to a myriad of applications and their credentials. This makes the enterprise vulnerable to cyber threats as there is minimum manual monitoring. Also with repeated usage of credentials, the system becomes susceptible to external security threats.

Clients who have partnered with both CyberArk and AssistEdge will be able to avail the best in class credential management solution. This will allow the robots to securely retrieve credentials from the CyberArk vault and perform actions accordingly. The vault will be able to store and rotate application credentials and eliminate hard-coded credentials from scripts, application code and configuration files. This integration also streamlines the security operations of an organization while ensuring a perpetual readiness for a compliance audit.

AssistEdge as a product helps transform manual enterprise processes to modernized automated processes with the help of a digital workforce. AssistEdge RPA helps in end to end automation of
repetitive tasks/processes/ transactions; while the Smart User Environment offering helps with assisted automation and exhibits a unified dashboard for agents to overlook disparate information from different sources and provide automation on demand.

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