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EdgeVerve Sweeps 3 Golden Bridge Awards | AI | Automation | Supply Chain


We are thrilled to announce that we have won 3 awards at the 13th Annual 2021 Golden
Bridge Business and Innovation Awards.

Award and Recognition

About Golden Bridge

The coveted annual Golden Bridge Awards program recognizes and honors the world’s
best in organizational performance, products and services, innovations, executives and management teams, women in business and the professions, case studies and successful deployments, public relations and marketing campaigns, product management, websites, blogs, white-papers, videos, advertisements, creativity, partner programs, and customer satisfaction programs from every major industry in the world.


About TradeEdge Network

TradeEdge Network is a multi-enterprise business network that connects businesses for enhanced visibility and resilience for their product, services and information needs. TradeEdge Network is a digital twin of your extended enterprise network that brings all your partner connections to life.


About Nia DocAI

Nia DocAI is a purpose-built document extraction, processing and comprehension platform that unlocks business value from enterprise data by extracting intelligence from enterprise documents, regardless of complexity or domain specificity. With its advanced AI capabilities that use an ensemble of various Machine Learning and Deep Learning based techniques, flexible data management and analytics pipelines, Nia DocAI structures world’s complex multi-document data, makes it consumption ready to unlock the latent business value.


About AssistEdge

AssistEdge offers a cohesive automation platform that enables enterprises to scale in their automation journey. It offers enterprises with a comprehensive suite of products enabling them to drive initiatives around process discovery, intelligent automation and digital workforce orchestration. AssistEdge has helped enterprises unlock value in the form of reduced service time, faster sales cycles, better resource allocation, accelerated revenue recognition and improved efficiency among others.