The last few years have been challenging for the logistics industry. Moreover, pandemic-induced delays, lockdowns, and resource shortages have led to several shifts in business-as-usual.

One of these has been an increase in spot market loads posted by shippers keen to get their goods moving as soon as possible.

Spot bidding on load portals is a complex process as it’s manual, error-prone, and time-intensive. Moreover, limited data availability, increased workforce cost, and daily fluctuations require businesses to adjust intelligently in order to place the bid on an available load.

How then can freight brokers maximize the potential of spot bidding? How can they never miss the opportunity to place a bid on an available load?

Leveraging Automated spot bidding or Robotic Process Automation can help freight brokers scan millions of loads across customer portals, place competitive bids without human intervention, and increase revenues by bidding intelligently on untapped spot market loads.

Download the whitepaper to learn how Automated spot bidding can help make the logistics industry more streamlined, hyper-efficient, and connected.

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