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EdgeVerve is a LEADER in NelsonHall’s Process Discovery & Mining 2020 – Automation Focus NEAT Evaluation

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This report analyzes the performance of vendors offering process discovery & mining technology and has identified EdgeVerve as a Leader in the Automation Focus market segment. This market segment reflects EdgeVerve’s ability to meet future client requirements as well as delivering immediate benefits to its process discovery & mining clients, with specific focus on process automation.

NelsonHall defines Leaders as vendors that exhibit both a high ability relative to their peers to deliver immediate benefit and a high capability relative to their peers to meet client future requirements.

“EdgeVerve’s process discovery capabilities and its investments in intelligent feedback and continuous AI learning to deliver digital transformation through end-to-end process views, will position the company at the front of process discovery & mining automation solutions. “

Bailey Kong, Research Analyst, NelsonHall

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As noted in the Process Discovery & Mining 2020 – Automation Focus NEAT Evaluation, EdgeVerve’s next-generation process discovery initiative aims to enhance:

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