Can we visualize the various raw fields across multiple applications on a single report/screen for each user?

The data collected from users are anonymized. Therefore, the product doesn’t allow segregation of data for a named user. Individual recording can be viewed to the process management screen.

The light weighted data capture utility is installed on user’s machine. It keeps monitoring the user’s activities non-intrusively. It can be configured, controlled, and updated remotely. The captured activities are segregated automatically into different tasks at the server.

Blocks in individual transactions represent application toggles, and within each block the actions performed by user on that specific application can be seen.
In the task map, each block represents detailed information of the action performed by users.

Practically every exception is a variation in the workflow. The product provides capability to exclude certain transactions (which seems to be major deviation from the intended task execution) from mining.
Whether a step is a noise or not, it depends on the quality of data, and how the neural network algorithm statistically handles it.

The process SME would analyze the task map, provide business inputs for the blueprint, and validate the requirements identified by the business consultant. Also, the prerequisite software should be installed before deploying Discover.

The process SME / consultant can group the logically connected business steps on the task map. Also comments can be put on individual user actions in the task to elicit non-systemic information.

Multiple LoB / Workgroups of the same organization can be configured on the same admin portal. All the configurations related to that workflow can be managed by the respective administrators. Data access and visibility is restricted to the workgroup level.

Yes. Each session, the Discover Client utility will start data capture exe. For each session, different instances of Discover will run.

Application whitelisting can be done at enterprise level using business policies. The product doesn’t eliminate any user action and hence noise removal based on application at task level is not supported.

The product doesn’t capture data as soon as it identifies a particular field as password type; no additional configuration is needed. Client policies in AE Discover can be configured to mask PII as per business need.

Yes, the captured data on client machine is encrypted with Windows Data Protection API. In transit, it is protected with HTTPS, and TSLv1.2+.

Yes. The product support it using Discover business policy framework.

The product provides screenshots of user actions in the generated task maps. Capturing screenshots of user actions is configurable based on business need.