Harvest intelligence effortlessly from your enterprise documents with Nia DocAI

Nia’s AI-based solutions leverage Computer Vision, NLP, InfoExtractor and Cognitive Search for harvesting intelligence from enterprise documents to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Extraction & Digitization



Search & Human Interaction

Cognitive Search


Identify objects and extract insights from images and documents

Computer Vision


Text Enrichment

NLP Services

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Typical Industry Challenges

  • Majority of enterprise data lies locked within vast and varied unstructured data sources
  • Manual efforts to digitize data is error prone, inconsistent and time-consuming
  • Understanding user intent and business context for business intelligence is challenging
  • Enterprises are unable to integrate knowledge across sources into the decision-making process

Nia DocAI Can

Ingest and digitize enterprise information

Aggregate any documents- structured or otherwise- from any data source. Experience touch-free digitization of documents in seconds with predictable accuracy. ...

Actionize on enriched data

Add intelligence to existing apps and create dashboards for actionable insights. Create a central gateway to find precise answers from any data across the organization. ...

Contextualize conversational AI services

Contextualize data with industry knowledge to get relevant analysis and summary. Auto-tune user feedback and tooling to improve relevance. ...

Build enterprise ontology services

Enrich data with business value such as intent classification, entity recognition, sentiment analysis and drawing inferences. Organize and build enterprise knowledge-base. ...

How Nia DocAI Can Help

Streamline back-office operations and reduce turnaround time

  • Accelerate document processing by digitizing paper-based documents, validating data and automating document workflows.


Make better decisions

  • Provide insights from data, competitive intelligence and risk analysis.


Improve customer experience

  • Empower sales, customer agents and client advisors with contextual help through relevant recommendations, insights and sentiment analysis.


Meet regulatory compliance

  • Provide contextual search across the enterprise and from externally available data for the right answers.
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