Nia DocAI is an Enterprise-grade platform that leverages advanced AI technologies and enables complete document processing lifecycle, to help customers across industries to derive insights from documents.


Extract complex document layouts, text and visual objects using OCR and Computer Vision


Enhance extracted data with contextual information, powered by NLP


Derive insights from extracted data, powered by NLP and Machine Learning


Consume analyzed information via downstream integration and NLP driven Search

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Enterprise Challenges

  • Does your workforce spend considerable time and effort in processing documents manually?
  • Is your Enterprise struggling to process documents of varying types and complexities?
  • Are your users enabled to finding precise answers to business questions from across Enterprise documents?

Impact on Business Value

  • Need straight through and efficient document processing
  • Extract information lying trapped in unstructured heterogeneous documents
  • Find relevant information in real-time from across the enterprise

Key Capabilities


Superior AI-powered document processing

  • Detect and recognize complex document elements with minimal or no human input
  • Document classification based on content and structural elements
  • Advanced search based on keywords, intents and entities


Enterprise Ready Platform

  • Professional services enabled delivery, customization, integration & support
  • Managed Services for infrastructure set-up, deployment, product support and last-mile custom solutions
  • Ease of use, enterprise scale, security, flexible deployment and out of the box integration features
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Value Proposition for the Enterprise


Efficient Document Processing

  • Reduce manual effort in processing complex and heterogeneous documents
  • Achieve straight-through processing for effort-intensive document processing
  • Streamline back office operations and reduce turnaround time


Direct Business Value

  • Deliver cost savings and reduce total cost of ownership to business
  • Make better decisions by providing data insights and risk analysis
  • Meet regulatory compliance and governance with reliable and accurate data each time

Major Contender – Everest Group Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Products Peak Matrix Assessment 2020

Uncover intelligence from your enterprise documents with Nia DocAI Platform