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EdgeVerve’s is Infosys’ RPA weapon as it envisages a bot store with preloaded micro bots, an interactive bot, a business solution bot, a cognitive bot, smart workflow, and process discovery & business case development. It is how to create a business process and repeat it across the enterprise.

William Fellows, Analyst, 451 Research.


  • Infosys describes its automation capabilities as including deterministic automation, natural-language processing (NLP), support for unstructured data, interactive automation, and cognitive and contextual automation. Collectively, the company refers to these as intelligent automation (ML and NLP), and they are delivered through its Nia platform.
  • AssistEdge is on a three-month release cycle and is offered as a flexible pricing model in one, three or five-year terms per bot and per process and also offers an enterprise-wide license. It does support business outcome pricing, but despite many conversations, EdgeVerve says customers end up choosing more predictable models, concerned that they may end up with a much larger savings, and therefore generating a greater reward for EdgeVerve than term-contract pricing.
  • IT service providers such as Infosys are dominating RPA deployment. Having bots configure and manage other bots is the direction in which the RPA market is heading – however, it won’t be a binary world of either human or cognitive operation, it will be both. Infosys will need both its Nia and AssistEdge portfolios.

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451 Research: EdgeVerve AssistEdge is Infosys’ RPA weapon

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