Generative AI for Healthcare: Converging Technologies to Unlock Growth

Date: Aug 14, 2024
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM ET 

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About the Event

As AI prepares to take center stage in the coming years, organizations must gear up for a technically advanced 2024. Healthcare AI will continue to dominate and bring significant changes to health services, building on the trends observed in previous years. However, given the uncertainty associated with AI technology, organizations may need to step back and develop strategies that aren’t dependent on a single solution. A more platform-centric approach will help them navigate upcoming healthcare challenges.

A broader question organizations need to ask is whether the technology can help overcome some of the biggest problems facing our stretched healthcare systems and democratize access to healthcare for all. Additionally, how can generative AI add real value to the healthcare sector?

In 2024, we’ll see AI technology move from pilots and proofs of concept to real-world use cases. These applications will focus on reducing administrative burdens, helping clinicians easily find information, assisting healthcare call center agents, and ultimately improving organizational efficiency. However, Gen AI experimentation will continue for use cases that require more testing and development, such as integrating information from diverse sources like medical images, textual clinical reports, and voice.

Join this exclusive roundtable where industry leaders from the healthcare sector will learn and explore:

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Rajesh Madhukar Desai

Head - Healthcare & Insurance, US Region, EdgeVerve

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Associate Sales Manager, EdgeVerve

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Director, EdgeVerve