Gen-AI & Beyond: Capturing the opportunity

Date: Jul 18, 2024
Time: 18:30 - 21:00 Manila Time  

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About the Event

Enterprises today in financial services industry are trying to harness the best that automation and human power has to offer, to become or adopt AI First approach that can help them enable and deliver on customer promises across value chain. But what stops them in realizing the full potential of automation? It’s the Blind Spots.

Silos or gaps in digital transformation are creating a growing challenge for many organizations. End-to-end process visibility, workforce productivity, and connectivity of data are imperative to make investments in making digital transformation successful.

To overcome and succeed, enterprises must use AI & automation as a uniting technology, and this could be achieved by augmenting human intelligence to unleash unlimited possibilities for businesses by automating & digitizing processes, enabling seamless customer journeys, integrating structured and unstructured data into workflows, and delivering real-time insights.

At this invite-only executive roundtable dinner, we will explore topics including:

Meet Our Team

Manzur Ali

Senior Director – Products, EdgeVerve

Chetan Chavan

Regional Sales Director – Products & Platforms, EdgeVerve