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2 hours
AssistEdge Discover Fundamentals

The AssistEdge Discover Fundamentals provides a high-level review of the key benefits and features of AssistEdge Discover, including a short demonstration from an end-user perspective.

The course is geared towards enterprise executives, managers, sales, pre-sales, solution consultants, administrators, and business analysts.

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7.5 hours
AssistEdge Discover for Analysts

AssistEdge Discover for Analysts course enables you to unearth the nuances of process discovery using AssistEdge Discover’s next-gen AI, interactive maps, and deep insights.

This course is geared towards business analysts.

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4 hours
AssistEdge Discover for Administrators

The AssistEdge Discover of Administration course lets you understand the different deployment models, installation, configuration, customization, and troubleshooting aspects of AssistEdge Discover.

This course is geared towards deployment engineers and administrators.

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10 hours
AssistEdge Discover Highly Specialized Training

This is highly customized training tailored to the need of the customer.

Business Analysts and Deployment Engineers & Administrators.

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