JAGGAER-EdgeVerve joint whitepaper on a CPO checklist to enable digital transformation for the enterprise of tomorrow

How can CPOs realize the full potential of digital transformation? What are the challenges that procurement organizations need to overcome?

With the spotlight on digital transformation in procurement, organizations looking to kick-start their digital journey need to step up and plan on how they can embrace the new technologies in an ever-evolving industry landscape. CPOs need to prioritize and align their goals on how they can bring about change effectively across the organization, create a center of data excellence and make suppliers/vendors inclusive of their digital strategy.

In this joint whitepaper, we have tried to articulate what digital transformation means for procurement, why procurement organizations should invest in futuristic technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain, the challenges that CPOs need to overcome, and a checklist to help professionals take procurement to the next level. This CPO checklist or guide summarizes some of the key strategies that CPOs will need to pursue to optimize savings and cost, comply with policies and government regulations, and meet customer demands.

The paper also reflects insights from the Global JAGGAER Digital Procurement Survey 2019 on the level of digitalization in procurement, the impact of new technologies and the road ahead.

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