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Finacle is an industry leader in digital banking solutions. We partner with emerging and established financial institutions to inspire better banking. Our cloud-native solution suite and SaaS services help banks engage, innovate, operate, and transform better to scale digital transformation with confidence. Today, banks in over 100 countries rely on Finacle to help more than a billion people and millions of businesses to save, pay, borrow, and invest better.


Finacle Solutions

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Finacle Core Banking Solution

Built on advanced architecture, Finacle Core Banking Solution offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to p...

Finacle Cash Management Suite

Finacle Cash Management Suite

An industry-leading solution suite built on an advanced architecture to empower corporate banks deliver new pro...

Finacle Core Banking Solution

Finacle Corporate Banking Suite

Banks in over 100 countries rely on Finacle’s industry-leading solution suite to fast-forward their digital...

Finacle Core Banking Solution

Finacle Digital Engagement Suite

The Finacle Digital Engagement Suite is an advanced omnichannel solution that helps banks – onboard, sell,...

Finacle for Digital - Only Propositions

Finacle for Digital - only Propositions

Finacle for digital-only banks is a comprehensive, front to back digital banking solution suite built...


Finacle Digital Engagement Hub

The Finacle Digital Engagement Hub is an enterprise-class system of engagement that powers insights-driven per...


Finacle Trade Finance Solution Suite

Finacle Trade Finance Solution Suite offers an expansive range of trade and supply chain finance product...


Finacle Trade Connect

Finacle Trade Connect is a blockchain based solution developed specifically to address and simplify the trade financ...


Finacle on Cloud

Finacle offers a cloud-native, cloud-neutral digital banking solution suite that can be deployed flexibly – on a public, ...


Finacle Payments Connect

Finacle Payments Connect is a blockchain-based solution to digitize and automate international payments operations a...


Finacle Liquidity Management Solution

Finacle Liquidity Management is a front-to-back office liquidity management solution that empowers bank...


Finacle Payments Suite

An industry leading solution suite comprising Finacle Payments, an advanced enterprise payment services hub and Finacl...


Finacle Payments Bank Solution

Efficient payment systems are business enablers and 'Payments banks' are revolutionizing banking by offering u...


Finacle Wallet Solution

A cloud-native microservices platform, empowers banks, NBFCs, telecoms, and retailers to revolutionize digital walle...

Finacle Online Banking Solution

Finacle Online Banking Solution

Finacle Online Banking is an advanced, cloud-native internet banking solution that helps banks onboard, sell,...


Finacle Mobile Teller Solution

A comprehensive solution for bankers to effectively address all activities at a branch with designated workflo...


Finacle Mobile Banking Solution

Finacle Mobile Banking solution combines outstanding functionalities with a well-designed user experience to ...


Finacle Direct Banking Solution

The Finacle Direct Banking Solution is comprehensive for banks to directly acquire, track and service custome...


Finacle Finanz Tools Solution

The Finacle Finanz Tools Solution engages the bank’s customers with personalized product illustrations. The s...


Finacle Insights

Finacle insights is an cloud-agnostic advanced analytics solution based on an open architecture that integrates banking data...


Finacle Islamic Banking Solution

Finacle Islamic banking offers a range of Shariah-compliant financial products that conform to Islamic ethic...


Finacle Treasury Solution

Banks in over 50 countries rely on Finacle's industry-leading treasury solution to accelerate their treasury transf...


Finacle Youth Banking Solution

The Finacle Youth Banking Solution is a comprehensive offering for the youth between the ages of 12 to 18, who...


Finacle Bancassurance Solution

Bancassurance is now an established and growing channel for insurance distribution across different markets. W...


Finacle Origination Solution

Finacle Origination Solution Suite simplifies onboarding across platforms through digital acceleration. So, stay...


Finacle Customer Assist Solution

The Finacle Customer Assist Solution helps in optimizing branch transactions to reduce the cost of servicing...


Finacle CRM Solution

The Finacle CRM solution, integrated with the powerful Finacle Clore Banking engine, is a modular, multilingual, web-bas...


Finacle Wealth Management

Finacle Wealth Management is a comprehensive solution delivering a full spectrum of wealth products as great experi...


Virtual Accounts Management Solution

Finacle Virtual Accounts Management is fully componentized with a suite of services to enable banks expe...


Finacle Alerts Solution

Finacle Alerts Solution empower banks to provide multi-channel alerts to customers about transactions and events reco...

Finacle for Digital - Only Propositions

Finacle Digital Lending Solution Suite

Banks in over 90 countries rely on Finacle’s industry-leadingsolution suite to fast forward their tr...


Asset Liability Management Solution

A comprehensive liquidity and interest rate risk management solution designed to deliver an enterprise-wi...

API connect

Finacle API Connect

An all-inclusive API solution for financial institutions to accelerate their ecosystem innovation...

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