Banking Security – Pervasive,
Adaptive and Integral

Security stands as the linchpin of operational resilience in banking. As regulations evolve, open banking and API collaborations redefine traditional models, injecting a new dynamism. The embrace of public cloud, virtualized data centers, and open-source technologies heralds a transformative era, necessitating heightened vigilance.

As you navigate an ever-evolving threat landscape, proactively embedding security-by-design principles across your infrastructure becomes the ultimate priority. Embrace a digital banking platform that does just that, and more.

Fortify Your Business with Finacle’s Security Prowess

In a world where security is paramount, Finacle stands as the avant-garde choice, ensuring not just compliance but a proactive, adaptive, and comprehensive shield for banks.

Elevate security with a platform adhering to global standards and governed by a robust framework. Ensure comprehensive access controls, strengthen encryption, and bolster vigilance. Safeguard the APIs and interfaces with advanced authentication mechanisms. Reinforce your cloud and on-prem security with traditional and contemporary threat and vulnerability management tools. And, explore nuanced capabilities like build your own encryption, secrets, tokenization, and IP validation.

Experience the benefits of a multi-layered security architecture with Finacle Digital Banking Platform.

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Adherence to global security standards

Customer Success Stories

  • ICICI Bank established robust security infrastructure leveraging Finacle’s multi-layered security framework spanning user access, application, integration, and data security.
  • Embedded security capabilities of Finacle SaaS offering helped Australian Military Bank achieve full compliance with APRA’s stringent CPS234 information security mandates.
  • A prominent financial institution in U.K. enhanced security monitoring and gained robust incident detection and response capabilities with the Infosys CyberNext platform.

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Company Overview

CWG, a pan-African IT solutions firm, specializes in a broad spectrum of IT services, including communication and integration, infrastructure, managed support, cloud solutions, and software.

As a leading provider of IT services across Africa, CWG has established a strong partnership network that connects businesses, enterprises, governments, customers, and consumers. They utilize value-added services to drive operational efficiency and enhance performance in their respective endeavors.

Service Offerings

From software innovations to robust infrastructure and expert consulting services, CWG is committed to optimizing operations and elevating customer experiences.

Software Implementation:

  • Core banking systems
  • Payment platforms
  • Fraud management tools

Infrastructure Offerings:

  • Data centers
  • Colocation services
  • Cloud services

Training and Consulting Services:

  • Technology training
  • Best practices guidance
  • Project and initiative consulting

Finacle Delivery Capabilities

  • End-to-end Installation of Finacle Applications
  • Implementation and upgradation projects related to Finacle Program Management, Customization, Business Process Definition, Detailed Requirement Definition
  • Robust testing capabilities along with managed services
  • Resource augmentation and services for Go-Live Support, Training, and Post Implementation Support
  • 100% track record of successful Finacle implementation in West Africa
  • Over 90 highly skilled service support representatives