The Foundation of Cutting-edge Banking Technology Lies in APIs and Events

As centerpieces of every successful banking technology architecture today, APIs and events orchestrate seamless integration, unmatched agility, and lightning-fast data responsiveness. Their synergy forms the backbone for innovation, efficiency, and adaptability, which is paramount for meeting todays and tomorrow’s banking business needs.

Finacle’s API and Eventing Architecture is Rooted in the Principles of Openness

Finacle Digital Banking Platform gives you the foundation to fuel your API Banking journey at scale and speed. All solution capabilities are accessible via APIs and webhooks, fostering seamless connection and co-innovation with customers, partners, and the extended developer ecosystem. At the core of our composable banking proposition lies the BIAN API and eventing model – a standards-based foundation empowering banks to accelerate ecosystem innovation effortlessly, and enabling them capitalize on API opportunities with unparalleled ease and agility.

Accelerate Ecosystem Innovation

Accelerate Ecosystem Innovation

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With 700+ APIs, ICICI Bank, powered by Finacle, boasts of one of the broadest API portals for banks across the globe.

The bank handles 150 million API calls a day and provides connected banking services with over 100 SME apps.

PayTM – A superapp, drives a true marketplace and more than 25% of the open banking transactions in India.

  • Increased alternative revenues and fees from up-sell / cross-sell opportunities.
  • 60% reduction in time taken across processes – review, reconciliation, due-diligence, etc
  • More than 67% reduction in human resource utilization across effected processes.
  • Introduced contemporary products and services to suit various customer segments.

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Layered architecture, polyglot design

Cloud native, Cloud-agnostic platform

Event-driven, API-first foundations

Robust data architecture

Multi-layered Security Architecture

Automation-first Process Design

Composable Experience Stack

Unlock data composability with Finacle

Crafted on the pillars of layered OLTP and OLAP architecture, real-time data processing, and embedded insight principles, the Finacle Digital Banking Platform lays a robust groundwork. It empowers banks to seamlessly handle, sustain, and disseminate data at scale—a vital element for propelling cutting-edge banking innovations. Elevate your banking operations and engagements with data foundations built for the future.

BIAN inspired data model, designed with domain-based data marts

Elegantly designed, the Finacle Data Lake employs domain-based data marts for expansive datasets. Decentralizing data ownership through these domain-oriented marts fosters a self-serve infrastructure, ensuring efficient handling of diverse data within specific domains. This model promotes agility and autonomy, enabling teams to seamlessly access, manage, and derive insights from their datasets.

Finacle Delivery Capabilities

  • End-to-end Installation of Finacle Applications
  • Implementation and upgradation projects related to Finacle Program Management, Customization, Business Process Definition, Detailed Requirement Definition
  • Robust testing capabilities along with managed services
  • Resource augmentation and services for Go-Live Support, Training, and Post Implementation Support
  • 100% track record of successful Finacle implementation in West Africa
  • Over 90 highly skilled service support representatives